Desire to become more efficient, competitive and increasingly innovative is characteristic to most Estonian enterprises.

Some companies are more successful than others, however. Studies have shown that companies that achieve better results faster have the following qualities:

  • They have a digital development strategy to develop their digital capabilities
  • They develop a client-oriented and process-based approach
  • They measure and analyze the client experience of their clients and improve it
  • They have integrated their business process into a uniform digital value chain
  • They have educated their employees to become innovators

These are digital innovation enterprises, i.e., i-Enterprises. I-Enterprises are familiar with their processes, the real needs of the value chain, and can contribute to innovation in areas where it delivers the quickest and the most significant return.

Digital opportunities

What makes Columbus different is that we can understand our customers’ business activities better than our competitors. We offer them a comprehensive digital environment in which they can make the most of their competitive advantage and become more economically successful than others.

Digital Innovation

During the analysis, various possible applications for digital innovation are identified. During the program, the business processes of the client are analyzed and evaluated regarding the extent of possible unused digital potentials. New opportunities for improving processes and implementing digital innovation are established in accordance with targeted priorities.

Value Chain and Company Performance Indicators

Special attention will be paid to the value chain assessment and the development of a new KPI structure (Key Performance Indicator). It is a relatively common practice to measure only past accounting indicators.

These measurements are indeed excellent for evaluating overall progress over the previous period but do not allow evaluation of the performance of different processes and/or process composition. Besides, past indicators do not permit operational intervention in cases where business success depends on speed and flexibility.

Do you wish to launch your i-Enterprise programme?

The best way is to fill out the i-Enterprise self-evaluation questionnaire, which takes only 10 minutes and provides an overview of the current situation of the enterprise as well as advice on how to proceed.