How to benefit from i-Enterprise?

A survey carried out by Columbus and consultants’ experience revealed an interesting, but also rather a logical fact. If enterprises were asked to evaluate their digitalization level, the evaluation provided by the company’s representative was usually higher than that of digitalization specialists.

What could possibly be done in such situations? One possible solution is to implement the i-Enterprise program in your organization.

An enterprise that has decided to join the i-Enterprise program can take advantage of this in different ways.


i-Enterprise creates value in three stages

I stageanalysis of digital options and creation of a digital vision
During this stage, processes of the enterprise and problem areas thereof are assessed. A digital vision is created, comprising of three views: quick solutions, stable development and bold ideas. As a result of this stage, processes and/or areas where digital innovation provides the fastest results are defined.

II stagepreparing the i-Enterprise digital business development plan
The vision created during the first stage is developed into improvement projects and a digital business development plan is established. Furthermore, a specific action plan is compiled, project indicators are established and necessary control mechanisms for measuring and monitoring the business development are agreed upon.

III stagebuilding an i-Enterprise
The digital business development plan created during the second stage is gradually implemented in cooperation with the client. As a result of this stage, necessary process improvements and digital solutions are implemented in the enterprise.


Training for digital visionaries
The enterprise will also benefit from the training of digital visionaries, the aim of which is to provide the heads and managers of the enterprise with the necessary knowledge on how to begin digitalisation.

Persons who undergo the training will know and understand the following:

  • current trends and practices with regard to the use of digital opportunities;
  • benefits received from digital innovation with regard to improving competitiveness;
  • how to calculate ROI (return of investment) and RONI (risk of not investing);
  • how to become a digital visionary and what must be done during the journey toward digitalisation.

99 facts on where the future of business is heading in the digital economy

In 2017, SAP published in their web magazine Digitalist 99 facts regarding the future directions of business in the digital economy. Columbus Estonia chose the most important ones and will share them with you.


How to calculate the financial benefits of digitalisation?

Upon making investments, it is always advisable to calculate its profitability, i.e. payback term (ROI – Return of Investment). It is a common practice and all enterprises employ it.


Do you wish to launch your i-Enterprise programme?

The best way is to fill out the i-Enterprise self-evaluation questionnaire, which takes only 10 minutes and provides an overview of the current situation of the enterprise as well as advice on how to proceed.