How to benefit from i-Enterprise?

A survey conducted by Columbus and the experience of consultants revealed an interesting but also somewhat logical fact. If enterprises were asked to evaluate their level of digitalisation, the evaluation provided by the representative of the enterprise was usually higher than that of digitalisation experts.

What to do in this case? Implementing the i-Enterprise programme in your enterprise is one possible solution.

An enterprise that has decided to join the i-Enterprise programme can benefit from it in various ways.

The first benefit comes from an external view of your enterprise:

  • Knowledge and experience – an experienced consultant, has gained experience from other companies and can, therefore, offer successful solutions;
  • Bystander’s view – bystander’s point of view can help to notice several inefficient aspects that the company has become accustomed to and thus contribute to various proposals for improvement;
  • Evaluation of business benefits – a consultant can offer potential business benefits as a neutral party and propose the best solution.

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Do you wish to launch your i-Enterprise programme?

The best way is to fill out the i-Enterprise self-evaluation questionnaire, which provides an overview of the current situation of the enterprise as well as advice on how to proceed.